"Old Dogs, New Tricks"

The Jaydogs
The Jaydogs



"Wow! Nice collection of tunes you got there. Sounds great, good balance all around. First song up "Brother Wind Sister Rain" is very strong. I like the merging of the more modern melodies and lyrical content along with the use of what sounds like mostly acoustic instruments - played in a traditional manner. Overall an excellent record with a lot of solid songs all nicely arranged and performed. Where are you gigging next?"  John Canale, The Rockaholics

"Awesome band, Awesome songs"  D. Howell.

"Go Jaydogs! You guys rock! The original songs on you CD are awesome!"  M. Whinston

"My choice for 'The Big Hit' off the album is 'Next of Kin' Wooohoooo!"  Pip McCaslin

"I used to be in this band (bass player) & my replacement has made them even better!"  P. Ray